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Are You Paying Too Much for Your Car Insurance?

Like food, housing, and medical care, car insurance is a necessity of life in the 21st Century. At a bare minimum, nearly every state in the U.S. has enacted mandatory liability car insurance laws for all drivers. A new car is a significant investment that most owners want to protect with comprehensive and collision coverage. Unfortunately, many people today are leaving money on the table... Read Article

Prepare Your Office for the Summer Heat

Working in a hot office all day can affect employee morale and productivity. It makes sense for business owners to prepare in advance for scorching summer days. The following tips can help you beat the heat and create a more comfortable office environment. Make Sure Your HVAC System is in Top Running Order When temperatures are climbing, an efficiently running HVAC system can make all... Read Article
Venita Ackerman
Very responsive and professional!
Diane DeBoca
5 stars!
Nicholas P.
...Rothrock and Associates has always been there for our insurance needs
Camille T.
I highly recommend the Rothrock & Assoc. team to all of my friends...
Melissa K.
...went above and beyond to find me the insurance rates I was hoping for
I highly recommend to clients, associates and friends.
Erica J.
Very professional and made buying my first house less stressful
Dan Murphy
5 Stars
Judy Crawford Spencer
5 Out of 5
Emelie Nimtz
Five Stars
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