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No Umbrella insurance? It could cost you a Fortune!

Did you Know? A Preferred Personal Umbrella covering one house and two vehicles often costs less than $300 to $400 in annual premium for $1,000,000 of additional coverage.

Did you Know? The frequency and costs of lawsuits has increased dramatically in the past decade. The following claims are real-life examples of lawsuits filed every day.

Wreckless Driver: A teenager who was driving with his girlfriend as a passenger loses control of his parent’s car and crashes into a tree. The passenger sustains major injuries. The parents of the passenger sue the driver’s parents for $700,000 to cover hospital bills.

Can’t Swim: Two couples are having a party at their house. A couple brings their young son of 3 to their neighbor’s house for the party. During the festivities the 3 year old ventures into the back-yard and falls into the pool then drowns. The parents sue their hosts for $800,000.

Sinking Ship: A man invites his friend to come out fishing with him on his boat. After they begin to leave the dock the friend falls on the slippery deck and breaks his nose. The man’s friend sues him for $100,000.

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Video courtesy of CBS news.